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Remove packaging over the sink and re-cut stems at an angle. Place flowers in a vase of fresh water.

Position your flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight, heat + ripening fruit.

Clean your vase + re-fresh water every day

Re-cut your stems every 2-3 days, remove any wilting flowers.

Please recycle your packaging!


We are only are small flower company but we are constantly working on ways to be more sustainable and be part of a solution that protects our environment as much as possible.

See below for some of our current practices:

- We have committed to not using any floral foam in our work

- All our green waste is collected and turned into compost for use across the UK. We also donate to local allotments.

- We have made changes to our packaging in order to reduce the amount of we use and ensure all our packing is completely recyclable or reusable

- Our care cards which go out on our bouquets are made from seeded paper, and printed with vegetable ink, and can be planted into the ground - in return beautiful wild blooms (which the bees will love) will grow.

- While we do import some of our flowers, we love working with home grown British product as much as possible, and will always opt for locally sourced, in season flowers and foliages when they are available.